• 产品名称: Glass spot market stable demand hot
  • Date: 2016-08-04
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First, market review

Glass futures contract 1609, on a trading day opening price for 1159 yuan / ton, closing price for 1157 yuan / ton, the lowest intraday price of 1147 yuan / ton, the highest price for 1159 yuan / ton, compared to the previous trading day rose 8 yuan / ton, or 0. 70%, total volume for 373134 and volume than the previous trading, reduced more than 220000 hand, on positions Zengcang 5040, main contract 1609 opened a high opened low, intraday volatility down, eventually closing closing of 1157 yuan / ton.

Two, message surface

1. 2016 08 921, China glass composite index was 03. 60, than the previous period in 2016 08 months 02 days rose 2. 4 point. China glass price index was 927. 78, than the previous period in 2016 08 months 02 days rose 2. 77 point. China glass market confidence index was 896. 88, than the previous period in 2016 08 months 02 days rose 0. 91 point.

2. Spot price: North China, Hebei safe 5mm float glass factory price reported 1146 yuan / ton. The central region, Wuhan Changli 5mm float glass spot price at 1199 yuan / ton.

3. The Stock Exchange registered data warehouse to 2608, unchanged from the previous day.

Three, comprehensive analysis

Wednesday glass futures contract 1609 price finishing slightly, trading volume shrunk significantly, positions small increase, the night of the disc is Chonggao down, but the spot market stable, some manufacturers price increases, demand has increased, shipping is good, at the same time, the manufacturers inventory is lower, hot demand, manufacturers line loading, individual manufacturers to play money order and market outlook of glass will still be rising volatility pattern, the recent futures prices callback will be more opportunities and trading strategy dips into the main. The reasons are as follows: 1. Glass fundamentals improve, low inventory operation; 2. Spot market price increases; 3. Peak season approaching, expected to improve; 4. Capital shocks, commodity wheel moves up. Of course, glass prices can not be accomplished overnight, it is a shock upstream, days of operation to 1160 as the axis of a trading range, days of short-term and more single stop bit 1150, trading range 1150--1200, disk strict design good stop bit.

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