• 产品名称: Increase in the glass production line, inventory began to reduce
  • Date: 2016-08-04
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August 1st, the main glass contract 1609 daily limit, the main glass contract rose 4 1609. 82%, the opening price of 1080, closing price of 1131, the position of 20. 70 thousand hand, volume 57. 90 thousand hand. Technically, between the glass main 1609 line level K in rail and rail brin on strong upward.

Production line increases, inventory began to reduce

Supply point of view, since 2016, the total number of float glass production line, the number of production lines started to maintain a stable. The total number of float glass production line from the beginning of the year 348 to 352, an increase of 1. 15%; production capacity from 12. 3 billion 300 million weight boxes grew to 12. 5 billion 600 million weight boxes, up 1. 80%. At present, the number of production lines 237, an increase of 18 compared to the middle of May, the production line operating rate of 67. 33%, the operating rate increased by 4 compared to the middle of May. 94 percentage points.

Inventory, since April, glass inventory has been in a downward trend, but from late May began to increase, from 34 million 470 thousand to 33 million 800 thousand weight box increased to weight boxes, an increase of 0. 99%, however, the glass inventory is still in a downward trend in the overall.

Spot continued to rise

Since January 2016, the spot price of glass continued to rise, the average price of the spot price of the key cities of the city was 1137. 58 yuan / ton. Points of view, Shenyang rose 14. 08%, the largest increase; Ji'nan rose 4. 67%, Beijing rose 5. 40%, Shanghai rose 4. 28%, Guangzhou rose 10. 11%, Chengdu rose 7. 09%, Wuhan rose 4. 16%; Xi'an rose 7. 51%, Qinhuangdao rose 7. 14%. It is not difficult to see that the spot price of the glass rose, the price of the glass has played a strong supporting role.

Automobile output steady growth

At present, China's auto market has entered a stable period. By the high base, the economic downturn, the environment, energy, traffic pressure, supply and demand and other factors, the impact of multiple factors, a substantial reduction in demand for automotive terminal. January, 2016 car production was 245. 20 thousand vehicles, an increase of 7. 21%; 1-2 month auto output is 412. 60 thousand units, an increase of 5. 3%; 1-3 month auto output is 668. 60 thousand vehicles, an increase of 6. 5%; 1-4 month auto output is 876. 02 million, an increase of 5. 7%; 1-5 month auto output is 1084. 350 thousand vehicles, an increase of 5. 75%; 1-6 month auto output is 1289. 220 thousand vehicles, an increase of 6. 47%. It is easy to see that in the first half of 2016, car production showed a steady growth trend. Although the auto industry is in a period of slow growth, but the auto industry demand for glass still plays a certain role in elevating.

Operation strategy

Overall, glass production line started to increase the number, but is still in a low level, the overall stock of glass in a downward trend, stock demand, demand side glass prices constitutes a positive, spot prices steady climb up strong support glass prices rise. Therefore, in the short term, the price of glass partial strong shocks greater probability, but the off-season for the construction, glass or limited, pressure 1150-1180 line and suggested Qingcang investors operate, homeopathy, pay attention to risk control.